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Speaking Topics

    • Thomas Dismukes Story Excerpts - Die Empty

      Life is short. Statistically, 11 seconds is the average amount of time one has to respond to imminent death. The most valuable places in the world are not gold or diamond mines, but graveyards. Graveyards are full of unfulfilled dreams, songs never sung, cures never found, inventions never discovered, and relationships never mended because they gave their inheritance to the graveyard. When they lower you down to the grave let it be nothing but a shell because you have given life all you have.

    • Thomas Dismukes Story Excerpts - A Leader's Focus

      Finding the Balance That Determines Personal and Professional Success.

      After breaking a world record for balancing 95 glasses on his chin, Thomas Dismukes has become an expert in the inexplicable pursuit of a life in balance. A life not of indecision and complacency, but a life of peace, purpose, and priority.

      We all strive to balance our personal and professional lives, to be remembered, and to live a life of significance.  More often than not, the problems and struggles we endure are the direct result of an improper focus. It is this balance and significance one can find while mastering A Leader’s FOCUS.

    • Thomas Dismukes Story Excerpts - Unmasking Your Superpowers

      Thomas Dismukes- reveals the Super Powers that are essential for any organization and individual’s success. Come laugh and learn from Thomas’s world adventures as we discover the SuperPowers we all possess to make the things we do more successful, more meaningful and a lot more fun!

    • Thomas Dismukes Story Excerpts - Leadership Academy

      Leadership Academy (one/two days)This Leadership Academy is dynamic and unique. You will have a great time while you learn many valuable and life-changing principles. From the minute you start, you will realize that you have not come to an ordinary leadership conference. Everything we do, even the most mundane task, is presented in a fun, creative, and sometimes unorthodox way.

    • Thomas Dismukes Story Excerpts - How to Make an Instant Connection

      Learn the 6 important keys to creating an instant connection. Because there is no such thing as a bad job, it's the wrong person doing the job, you will learn how to quickly recognize a personality type and where they should be plugged in. Are you a Battle Ship, Cruise Ship, Sailboat or Submarine? Come see WHY! Clarity is a Rarity. Sit back, relax and have fun in this interactive workshop!