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Leadership Development

S ince 1995 Thomas has used his stories along with team building and intensive group initiative games to give groups a leading edge. Thomas takes groups that know nothing about each other and in a short period of time has the group communicating, trusting, listening, leading, laughing and discovering strengths and solutions they never thought were possible.

Thomas Dismukes Team Building Workshops

Group initiatives, also called low ropes courses, are problems or obstacles that challenge groups both mentally and physically. Trust building activities help people to develop mutual respect, creativity, openness, understanding, and empathy, as well as helping to develop communication and teamwork skills. These activities help participants break down barriers and build deep feelings of trust and reliance between individuals and within small groups. The results prepare the team for bigger challenges found in everyday life.

Trust building exercises can be adapted for virtually any setting, with young and old, indoors or outdoors, and are often used in experiential workshops, corporate training seminars, school groups, sport teams, youth work, and in therapeutic and correctional settings.