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T homas Dismukes is reshaping the vision of what is possible in our lives and is credited with having a profound influence on the attitudes and actions of those who hear him.

More than A MILLION PEOPLE across 21 countries have heard Thomas’ truly amazing, heart warming and hilarious stories. His lessons on leadership have proven time and again to have a deep impact on Personal Growth and Team Productivity!

Are you looking for a unique experience? Do you want your group to laugh, relax and have fun, all while gathering valuable life and leadership tools?

Thomas will inspire and move your team to do their best and get the best out of life. Not through arrogance, but humility and assured confidence. He takes the “best of the best” leadership principles, stories and experiences and distills life gems for immediate understanding and application. Thomas’ powerful stories give meaning behind the madness, in a principle everyone can relate to, laugh at and apply to their lives..

About Thomas Dismukes Professional Storyteller and Motivational Speaker

Why do meeting planners love to hire Thomas?

  1. Thomas is there to SERVE YOU, not be served. As an extension of your staff he wants to be the last thing you have to worry about and the first thing people praise you for. He takes pride in the extra little things he does to make your event a success.
  2. Absolute Guarantee: There is no doubt, people will come away laughing, encouraged, inspired and challenged with essential leadership principles. He offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If he can’t give you what you want, Thomas will not take the job. His name and your business are too important to do otherwise. (By the way...No one has ever wanted their money back.)
  3. Thomas has established trust and credibility worldwide. He speaks to more than 100,000 people a year and limits the number of bookings. He is repeatedly sought after by corporate, government, education and nonprofit organizations because he delivers a memorable and effective presentation.

What are people saying about Thomas Dismukes...

  • "Thomas Dismukes is a genuine Motivator. The true and practical stories he tells, creates an great environment for growth and motivates people to MOVE and act on THEIR unique talents." Comrat, Moldova
  • "In my 30+ years in education, I can not remember a more enjoyable start to our school year. The teachers laughed and had a great time while also getting the message about the struggles of life and how to handle them." Dr Richard Page Superintendent: Joplin School District (shortly after tornado destruction)
  • "People are quoting your wisdom and using your Die Empty as their closing remarks! You were a hit!" Sue Farni: GMIS International Conference, New Mexico
  • "Tremendous!" Elmer Ronnebaum: Kansas Rural Water Association
  • "My job requires me to listen to thousands of speaker. Thomas Dismukes is by far, the best I have ever seen! I was truly amazed how well he captured, held and inspired the audience." Lucky Moore: Operations Manager, Swiftel Center, South Dakota
  • "A Gold Mine" YPO Switzerland
  • "Entertaining with a purpose." YMCA
  • "Phenomenal!" Staples
  • "He kept the audience spellbound." Chick-fil-A
  • "The message was perfect and humor even better." Univ. Notre Dame
  • "Thomas' stories give hope and encouragement to others." American Cancer Society.
  • "Your messages are so universal that people across the borders can relate to the same." Tamil Nadu, India
  • "Thank you for inspiring and challenging our staff." Trudy Cathy White, WinShape Camps, Chick-fil-A
  • "Having Thomas Dismukes speak at our conference was one of the best decisions our association has made. We were looking for a motivational and inspirational speaker to close out our conference and we hit the jack pot with Thomas! Shannon Templet; LA Personnel Council, Inc
  • "Thomas' motivational, inspirational speech was just the ticket to get our school year off to a great beginning. Our teachers thoroughly enjoyed his homespun humor, his expert balancing skill and his heart-felt stories about which everyone could relate. I would recommend Thomas without reservation to be a speaker for any/all groups. We greatly enjoyed his time with us. It was terrific!"
  • Dr. Darrell G. Floyd, Superintendent of Schools Stephenville, TX